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November 21, 2022: A General Status Report

As the year winds (or stampedes) to a close, here’s a general status report.

    Our current TFT Kickstarter is on schedule. Hexagram #10 and the Hexagram Vault, as well as Quick Quest 8, are already in our warehouse . . . we are just waiting for David Pulver’s The T’reo School of Martial Magic to come back from the printer.

Upcoming on Future Kickstarters
    Several other TFT releases are more or less ready and will appear in upcoming Kickstarters. These include more Quick Quests; the Rose Labyrinth, which consists of two 2-sided maps, counters, and a lore sheet; a couple of solo adventures; and the Bestiary. Ah, yes, the Bestiary.

Bestiary Status
    Work on the Fantasy Trip Bestiary is about 99.5% complete. All the remaining work is on my plate, except for the layout tweaking that Ben will have to make once I’m done. The trouble, honestly, is that I’ve been working on this for a loooong time – and, at this final stage, I began to feel as though I was phoning it in. This is a big, important book! We can’t come out with anything but our best. The work already put in by the authors and contributors, editor Andrew Hackard, and illustrator Rick Hershey deserves my own best input, and I needed to sit back and take a deep breath. So I did, and I’ll be getting back to it soon.
BackerKit Sale
    Starting on Wednesday is our big BK sale, with some particular items that deserve to be mentioned here.
    General player tools: Lots of dice bags. Lots of TFT dice (that is, pretty d6 with regular pips), and some dice for special situations, like the Tally Mark d6 for when nobody is literate, the Munchkin Steampunk SCIENCE Die for the mechanician in your group. And, for the many cephalopod fans among us, two different enameled octopus pins.
    (2) GM tools: Lots of special dice, including the Question Die, the Bad Luck Die (in two... (more)

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